Friday, November 9, 2018

Assemblage Component

I found several of these at a builder's estate sale. After posting to the facebook group Worldwide Assemblage, Found Object, & Mixed Media Artists, I think it is a plate to be attached to a beam. Rope would be hung from it. Another member from the group had a picture of a similar piece.

I'm looking forward to working on assemblages again. This is my inspiration piece for the next one.


11-1-18    I made myself a journal for all of the anatomy & psychology journal pages I have been making. I really like having my journal pages in a book form. It keeps pages organizes. Otherwise they tend to be moved around and put in different places, making them hard to find. Thank you Juliana Coles for showing me the importance of this!

The skull hues were cut out of the wood cover revealing the pupils/images of my great-grandparents Theodor and Anna on the page underneath.

The skull was made with a wood burning tool, which I hadn't used for quite awhile. I really enjoyed the process.

I am looking forward to developing some of the ideas in this book further with assemblages.

Fox Journal Page

10-25-18    What I've been working on in my AiR journal this week. Artist-in-Residence Sheboygan North High. Process photos included. I had to shorten the nose significantly as seen in previous process photo.

10-18-18     My collage table is getting messy. Artist-in-Residence Sheboygan North High.

10-17-18    The journal page I am working on in my AiR journal today. I found my circle cutter!

10-17-2018    I made my first journal using the boards cut by my son. It is for my Artist-in-Residence. I really like the structure of a book to work in, helping to keep pages together and in order. I usually have the cover all done before I assemble my journals. This time I am going to let it evolve.

10-13-18    My son Casey cut me these boards. They are going to be used for journal covers.

5 Boston Terriers & 1 Brussels Griffon

Nap time, they all like to sleep together <3 p="">

10-11-18    I was invited as Artist-in-Residence at Sheboygan North High School to work with the Humanities class (language arts honor class). They are currently discussing the book "Feed" by M.T. Anderson. I was given a copy to read and follow along. My journal page is in response to the passage I have included below. It was written in 2002. In this futuristic dystopian novel Anderson predicts many things that are now happening. Especially in regards to the internet.

10-10-18    Today's finished journal pages.
Artist-in-Residence Sheboygan North High School

10-8-18    Spending some much needed time in nature. The sun peeked out for awhile today. Lake Superior, Bayfield County, Wisconsin USA

One Idea Leads to Another

10-1-18    One idea leads to another. Making use of what I have.