Friday, March 28, 2014

Transform Your Life – Journal Page



This journal page was developed over several months. It started with packing tape transfers using stencils. You can find these Artistcellar Signature Series Stencils by Jill K Berry here:

Later I added the collaged text. Another day I painted the background. Finally I added the collage elements. I am not sure if it is finished. It certainly gives me another perspective looking at it on a computer screen,

Monday, March 17, 2014

And Out Like a Lamb.

At this date the title of this journal page is only wishful thinking. This is a continuation of theme from my previous journal page “March Came in Like a Lion”.  I found the bird that had escaped from the cage. I looked for spring flowers and these sprouted. The March lion hasn’t completely left, he is gnawing on some spring flowers. I chose the metal chair for it’s geometric qualities. The chair legs from the chairs on the previous page for added continuity.

Next I added several washes of a mixture of Golden pthalo blue and burnt umber. The lamb has appeared without planning, do you see it?

A rough outline first and then I begin to work on the eye.

The finished journal page! I really enjoy working this way. Starting with collaged elements take me on an artistic journey I would have never traveled by drawing alone.

March Came in Like a Lion



My journal page which I completed last night. This reminds me that I need to date this page! I started with the idea “March comes in Like a Lion”. The long Winter has weighed heavily on my creativity. It is past mid-March and the snow has yet to release it’s stronghold on the surrounding terrain. No Winter thaws this year! Just a few spots of brown grassy earth peeking through so far.

I was at an antique mall looking for old black & white magazines to work with. Poor condition was a plus because I always feel a bit guilty repurposing old ephemera. A magazine with two lion cubs on the cover reminded me of my earlier journal idea. At a price of $1.75 I couldn’t resist. Inside I also found the photograph of the lion. An image of some interesting metal chairs from another magazine were placed upside down on my journal page. I painted washes, over the entire page, of a mix of Golden Dioxazine Purple and Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold in various opacity. The bird cage attracted my eye and reminded me of the birds of spring that are still missing. The text at the bottom right corner caught my eye and is just the advice I needed to see. “If we were asked to specify the most important thing the _____________ amateur or professional, can possess in his work it is that of an active mind. A stagnant mind gets us nothing and nowhere.” I covered the word photographer to have it be more pertinant to myself, even though I do consider myself a photographer too.I applied washes of paint to the bird cage and text to blend them with the rest of the page.

Next I drew a lion with Prismacolor pencils, building up several layers in some places. The text was added after the majority of the pencil work was done.

Maybe I will work on my “lamb” journal page today.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Westminster 2014



Wishing my daughter Brook Berth, our dog Edna and friends good luck at Westminster 2014!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mapping 2014 Artfully



Above is the result of the map making challenge, Mapping 2014 Artfully, hosted by Jill K. Berry on her website here -

I procrastinated on the project for weeks. I’m not really sure what my goals are for 2014. I had an art play date by my friend Kim Geiser, so I decided to get to work. I started gluing down images that I felt drawn towards in a manner that was pleasing to me. The advantage of working while chatting with a friend is that it helps to not overthink the process. Next I painted black around the collaged images. Finally I added map-like marks with a white jelly pen to further add direction.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions as I’m not even sure of all the meanings myself. As the year unfolds I will return to this map to rediscover it’s hidden meanings. Perhaps I will make other maps with more definined goals.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

TEN – Call to Artists - Journaling

I was going to clean up a bit from the TEN project. I had been using the scraps left over from “The Magic of Mind” plus 10 ATC’s to spruce up my journaling on the project. I was left with the above scraps. They were ugly and uninspiring. But I had wanted to use every last bit from the ten items I was given. So I decided to glue them down in my journal. I was thoughtful in their placement without having an end result planned. Each piece added gave me a new layout to solve. I enjoyed working with both the graphic and abstract qualities of the page without concern for meaninful content. I am pleased with the results. Working with what I had.

With just a wash of Nickel Azo Gold and Raw Umber mixed together I have a nice background. I like it just as it is. Perhaps I will work on it more in the future. I already have some more ideas for additional journal pages.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Textures 2 Series Stencils - Blog Hop Winner!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment. I really enjoyed reading them!

and the winner is...

Blogger Bea said...
I'm crazy for books and really like the way you used the stencil on your book. Thanks for the ideas...bea

December 12, 2013 at 5:45 PM

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blog Hop - Textures 2 Series Stencils by Jill K. Berry & Articellar

I am thrilled to be a participant in a Blog Hop featuring the TEXTures 2 Series stencils. This is a collaboration between Jill K. Berry and Artistcellar.
You can find these Artistcellar Signature Series Stencils by Jill K Berry here:
The individual stencil names are: 069-Picasso, 070-Bird, 071-Gera, 072-Miro. The style number is etched on the stencil somewhere.
Simply comment below how YOU would like to use these stencils in your own style, and I'll pick a name using on 12/20/13   In order to qualify, YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN THE COMMENTS USING THE name(at)domain(dot)com FORMAT. For example my email address would be kimnugent(at)yahoo(dot)com. When you use the (at) and (dot) in parentheses, the Spambots can't get your e-mail address (it's how you get on lists you don't want to get on).

For my project I decided to make a journal with an etched brass cover. I securely taped the Gera stencil down to a piece of brass. Then used a sponge to sponge StazOn ink over the stencil to act as a resist. Next I etched to cover.
I also etched some scrap pieces of copper using the same technique. Eyelets were used to fasten the copper to the brass and holes for the binding.
Close-up view.
I also made some pages using packing tape transfers from magazine pages. The page on the top was the packing tape transfer. The page below is the magazine page after the transfer was removed. This first transfer worked so well I was lured into a sense of false skill.
The second transfer didn’t come off of the magazine page nearly as easily. I am happy with the end results though.
I ran out of time to make more pages. It was time to put the journal together using coptic binding.
The journal is 4” x 5”.
Ready for journaling!
My husband and I went out to listen to some blues music. As a last minute thought I decided to take this journal along. While sketching Raven Reverand the design from Jill’s stencil filled the page like the music that was filling the room…and my soul!
I used a pencil and jelly pen to draw while listening to the blues music. This morning I painted in washes of color in my studio. I also used a thicker marker to bring more emphasis to the words.
There are many more techniques that I would like to explore using these stencils.
Check out the other participating blogs for more inspiration and chances to win. I am already looking forward to trying some of their ideas!
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12/9 Sketchbook Challenge/Jill
12/10 Brian Kasstle
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12/12 Kim Rae Nugent
12/13 Jodi Ohl
12/14 Effy Wild
12/15 Tamara Laporte
12/16 Jane Davenport
12/17 Chris Cozen
12/18 Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal
12/19 Jill Berry

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Journal Page – Transformation



This is a journal page about transformation. It speaks to me on several levels. The salamander template was the last collage item added. The page was almost finished and the geometric triangles had briefly reminded me of MC Escher’s art piece with the lizards but I didn’t have that in mind when I let it sit for a few days.

Then, when I seen the salamander template from the previous salamander page I knew where it belonged. The journaling and quotes were added last.

Looking at the photograph, I now want to extend the stems of the dandelions to the bottom of the page. The upper right corner looks a bit bare too! Perhaps something will find it’s way later.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Salamander Journal Page



These two salamanders were seen by me the other day.  It’s been quite awhile since one has crossed my path. Whenever an animal interests me I like to research them, look up their animal totem meaning and draw them.

“The appearance of a Salamander heralds transformation. It also announces assistance with this change from a source somewhere outside of ourselves.” Something to ponder... This is one of many paths of self discovery that I follow in my journals.

First I applied a color wash using a mixture of Nickel Azo Gold and Dioxazine Purple (Golden Fluid Acrylics) for my background. Next I drew the image of a salamander on a piece of copy paper. Then I cut it out to use as a template to trace, making two matching salamanders. I colored the Salamanders with several layers of Prismacolor colored pencils. Finally I added the journaling.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

TEN – Call to Artists – Day 10 – Part B


It has been quite a journey since I received the above ten items. From here to:



Day 10 – Part B for the TEN art challenge for Creative Studios

I am thrilled to say that the piece created for the 10 art challenge is finished!

The Magic of Mind



IMG_1392 (2)I decided to use the finial with the three spheres. I chose this finial because I felt that it complimented the retro feel of the magazine page plus it echoes the sphere shape of the glass paperweight.

View the film below to look at different views from the glass sphere plus the sides and close-ups of this art piece.

My first attempt at creating a movie from pictures. There is a lot of room for improvement but it is time for me to move on…


IMG_1403Left side


IMG_1382Left side close-up view of bird


IMG_1404Top view


IMG_1405Right side



Close-up view from right side



Bottom view


So far I have shown you how I incorporated six of the ten items I was given. Below shows how I included the remaining 4 items.


I made a name tag with information about the challenge.



This was attached to the backside of the art piece.


These are the finished artist trading cards for the nine other artists who participated in the challenge plus one ATC notecard for Erika Block of Creative Studio, the host of the challenge.

If the other artists leave me a comment with the ATC that they would like to receive, plus contact information, I would be happy to send them that one. First come, first serve (plus you need to have actually finished your challenge).

Stay tuned for auction details…

Sunday, October 20, 2013

TEN – Call to Artists – Day 10 – Part A



Day 10  for the TEN art challenge for Creative Studios

I decide the red cardstock would make a nice compliment to the etched metal plate and weathered wood of the base.



Time to bend the metal plate to conform to the glass paperweight and wooden base.

Safety Tip:  It would be wise to wear protective foot gear rather than sandals for this step.

My husband gave me these two steel plates to use as a tool to bend metal. I simply place the brass between the two plates. Then use some clamps to help hold in place.



Next bend the brass down using my hands. This is 28 gauge brass so it bends rather easily.



I end up bending the rest of the brass in the kitchen over the counter so that I have more room to work. My art always tend to spill over into the kitchen/dining area.



Checking the fit over the glass paperweight.



Pencil marks for next set of bends.



A little maneuvering and the bends are working.



Two sets of bends done!



Another check for fit.



I use the original pattern template to help me figure out the opening for the glass paperweight.



It fits!



I tacked the metal in place and then drew around the brass with a pencil to mark my cutting lines for the red cardstock. I cut the cardstock with an craft knife.



First layer with inspirational magazine page.

Notice the tripod over the fire in the magazine image, that fits into the niche, on the lower left side…



…I cut a little opening to peek through.

Second layer, the red cardstock. ( I forgot to show the “Magic of Mind” title and descriptive text in the first layer picture. Too late now)!



Third layer mica sheets to protect the text and opening.

Post for TEN – Call to Artists – Day 10 – Part B coming soon!