Bird Collage Gallery

“Kim Rae Nugent presents mixed-media collages using birds as her point of departure. Collaged bits of the human figure, including eyes replace those of the birds, float under images of ravens and owls. Expressions emerge from fierce to fatigue. The abstract background in each – a series of shapes or radiating colors – contrasts with the central and dominant image, giving viewers a place to rest from and to contemplate the creature’s intensity.
Nugent captures varying stages of this human/bird merging. Some appear caught in the middle of shape shifting. Others have completed the act. The idea of human eyes being windows to the soul gets plenty of credence as they dominate beak, feather, wing, and claw. Does the artist relate so strongly to nature that she inhabits it in her work – a loving union? Perhaps the human eyes force us with their familiarity to take under our wind the feathered kingdom…”

Mary Ellen Riddle
The Coast
September 16, 2005