Monday, May 27, 2013

Journal page – Good versus Evil

I was working on a figural assemblage today. I cut a circle out with the face from the photograph. Instead of throwing the faceless photograph away I decided to make a collage in my journal. Not sure which direction I wanted to go I decided to flip through a library discard book for another face to replace the missing one. Instead the picture of two men, one wearing white, the other black caught my eye. I immediately though of good vs evil. I originally had them placed behind the head opening so that their heads were representational of eyes. In my excitement to glue the pieces down this idea escaped me until seeing the collage on this blog.
Looking at a photograph of your ART is often a good way to see it with fresh eyes.
I decided my figure needed arms. I found a pair but discarded them in favor of the ones pictured. I found these arms when I was looking for the legs. The arms holding glasses further added to the theme I was developing.
I had not intended to work on a collage today but working in my journal to make something for myself was freeing.
Pondering the merits of good versus evil on this Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Journal Page - Mark

I started with the labels from my husbands spent prescription bottles. Then painted a wash of burnt umber mixed with phalo blue acrylics. Next I drew a rough sketch of his face. Colored pencils were used over the background.

I am almost finished with this page. I just need to take a break from looking at it so that I can see it with fresh eyes. A journal page about my husband Mark. Thankfully he is on the road to recovery!