Sunday, February 26, 2012

Silver Carnival Horse Update

I wanted to share how I sent out the carnival horse necklace. I found a box to protect and elevate the necklace. I also included a card with my inspiration picture of Lena at the carnival. The pearl rosary style chain is from her jewelry box.

Inside the card is the story behind the necklace. For more information on this necklace see this post.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mother of Pearl Rose and Bird - Necklace

I started with the beautiful carved mother of pearl flowers. The sweet little bird was a perfect accompaniment.

Three faceted citrine stones flank carnelian beads with tiny brass spacers. Three baroque pearls with crystals between are the balance to a victorian brass bar pin with rhinestone. The bar has been depinned. A hand forged brass clasp hooks to a chain making the necklace adjustable from 19 inches to 24 inches. A sweet rhinestone flower drops from the brass chain. Pairs of bone bead, agates and glass beads round out the necklace.

Available at my Etsy shop RAEvN's Nest here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Raven Picking Grapes - Necklace

If I were to pick a necklace to represent me, this would be it. A raven picking grapes. There is so much symbolism in this totem animal for me, grapes just put it over the top. I just finished this necklace today and before I change my mind I am going to list it in my Etsy shop RAEvN's Nest here.

The raven is an antique locking brooch and pendant combination. The silver plating over brass has a wonderful worn patina.

Hanging from the pendant is a vintage cluster of simulated pearls.

The sweet antique metal button is the perfect accompaniment. The embossed hand picking grapes drops from the clasp chain in back.

Richly colored green jasper stones in a rosary style chain with three additional baroque pearls. The necklace has a sterling silver clasp and is adjustable from 19 inches to 24 inches. The pendant and grape pearl cluster hangs an additional 5 inches below.

Just hatched from the Nest!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ivory Rose and Rhinestones - Necklace

I've been busy sorting through jewelry, collecting ideas and finally creating.

Jewelry from the nest.

Picasso is one of the artists who I admire. He worked in many mediums and was always experimenting with different styles. Above is one of his fine art prints pictured in a book.

This antique ivory colored rose is the beautiful centerpiece for this necklace.

I couldn't decide which of the two pictures above that I like better, so I posted both.

There are two large chunks of carnelian stone flanking the rose with a third by the clasp. A chain of brass roses with rhinestone centers have a beautiful green patina on parts of the leaves. The asymmetrical design includes carved bone, crystal, brass and glass beads. A textured brass chain, with a pretty little marquise mother of pearl button, enables the necklace to be adjustable between 18 inches to 24 inches.

This necklace is available at my Etsy site RAEvNsNest here.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Necklace - The Elegant Moose

I saw a necklace with a silvertone elk head from an odd fellows badge and wanted one. I have searched the internet for months. That is the beauty of found object art, you can't just find the components anywhere. There was just something about it...

I decided to make my own. I drew an elk, then reduced my drawing, but something just wasn't right. I didn't want to copy the elk exactly, but I liked it exactly as it was. The antlers looked wimpy and for some reason I began thinking about moose. Perhaps because I was thinking about original art, art that is inspired but not copied.

Why would a moose be a totem animal for me? I had seen many animals on our vacation to Yellowstone this past year including elk, but not one single moose. Perhaps the moose had something to tell me.

I looked up moose totem on the internet and this is a summary of what I found:
The crown of courage; Full of contradiction; Excellent depth perception; Strength; Intuitive nature; Reward ourselves for a job well done; Moose
I etched all of these traits on the back of the moose head.

I cut the moose from heavy gauge brass. Next, I etched the image of a moose with the name of the designer in bold letters - RAEvN.

I refashioned a vintage glass bead necklace adding a mother of pearl flower. Hanging below the pendant is a piece of jewelry from my Great Aunt Lena's stash. The shell charms remind me of antler. I also added an acorn shaped button backed by a shell button. The clasp is a hook and eye that I fabricated from brass wire.

The necklace is available in my Etsy shop RAEvNs Nest here.

Necklace - La Rose France

I found this sweet brass label while on one of my internet travels to Europe. The label reads "La Rose France, Houbigant Paris". This was originally a brass label from an antique perfume bottle. Houbigant was a perfume manufacturer founded in Paris, France in 1775.

According to the item description, the plate was found in the ground and was made perhaps around 1910 - 1930.

I added a sterling silver rose with sparkly rhinestones including one tiny black one.

The pendant hangs from a delicate double strand vintage rosary type chain and antique glass bead chain with a brass jumpring marked CZECHOSLOV stamped in tiny letters.

This necklace is available at my Etsy shop RAEvN's Nest here.