Saturday, June 23, 2012

Arrangement in Glass Cloche


I have had the idea for this arrangement in my head for a couple of years. Yesterday I finally brought it to fruition.

I adore nests and often think of all the labor and skill required for birds to build them. Whenever I see one that has fallen out of a tree I pick it up and add to my collection. What makes this nest even more special is that fibers from my angora goats, who have since passed over the rainbow bridge have been incorporated into the design.


This is Baby Dumpling. He was one of our naughtier goats but I adored him just the same.


I don’t have a miniature angora goat so the lamb will do for now. Perhaps in the future I will make one with some of the goat hair that I have saved. I could not seem to photograph a good close-up without including some sort of reflection from myself. In this picture it looks like the girl is holding the camera, which I kind of like.

If you would like to make a similiar arrangement I have some nests and a cabinet photo listed in my Etsy shop Metaphor Alchemy that would work well. SOLD SOLD

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fredonia Village Wide Rummage Sale



A few weeks ago was the Fredonia Village Wide Rummage Sale. One of my favorite events, not only for the thrift appeal but also for the exercise/walking aspect. Nothing like the anticipation of a good find to keep me walking.

I wasn’t feeling very good but decided to at least go to try and walk a little bit. The first stop I found the above book. About 6 stops later and I still wasn’t feeling well so I decided to head home.


On the way home I passed a house with a sign ANTIQUES in front. I had stopped there before during previous sales. His prices were generally high. Perhaps it would be fun to just look. I seen this machinist’s chest not priced. I asked the price…and I was rewarded for stopping! I have yet to fill it. I want to reorganize my studio space and haven’t yet decided what function this cabinet will provide me.


A Trip to the Cabin



Tuesday we took a drive up to the cabin. Mark is measuring the roof that needs to be replaced. You probably will not find me up there as heights make me woozy. Notice the blue sky, it was a beautiful day! I even was able to finish a journal page (see previous post).


A bird’s nest under the eaves.


Another view, as I am partial to home builders.


We took the dogs along too! We set up a pen for them on the porch as the ticks are awful up there this year. Also, we didn’t want to risk losing any dogs in the woods.


Rufus was nervous and didn’t want to be left behind so he waited in the truck the whole time.

Sketchbook Challenge Book - Blog Hop

Help Us celebrate the release of The Sketchbook Challenge book this month!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Collaged Journal Page



I made this collaged journal page at the cabin yesterday. It was a near perfect day except for the ticks that I found crawling on me. So I drew them on this character’s face. You can click on the picture to enlarge it and see more of the detail. I really was able to lose myself in the process once I gave up on preconceived expectations.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Current Art Journal and Journal Entry


Since the Einstein journal didn’t sell in my Etsy shop and it was time for me to start a new one, rather than listing this journal again, I’m using it myself. I really liked it anyway. Perhaps I’ll make a similar one some day.


Here is the journal page that I created at EphemeraFest. I actually felt the opposite of what I wrote on this journal page on that day. The picture of the eagle was the inspiration. I added a sleeve to the hand and a paint brush in the eagle’s claws. A bottle of ink drips inspiration down the page. The last step was a wash of turquoise fluid acrylic paint.

The dropped “I” was actually a spelling mistake. I forgot the “T” even though I penciled in the saying first. So I changed the “I” to a “T” and added the letter “I” below. I actually think it is more interesting this way. You can’t hold me back…

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Etsy Shop – Metaphor Alchemy

MetaphorAlchemyLarge (1024x233)

I opened a new Etsy shop on May 15, 2012. This shop specializes in antique and vintage tools and components for the artist. I love to make assemblages and I also love the thrill of the hunt to find items to incorporate into my pieces of art. To enable my treasure hunting passion and to have another outlet for all of my finds I have opened this shop.

So far I have listed a total of 86 items. My goal is to have a much larger inventory of several hundred items. The thought of parting with some of these items is difficult for me. Every piece I look at sparks ideas. Perhaps this venture will help me to be more productive. Below is a sampling from my shop MetaphorAlchemy:


Antique weight


Antique wood casting pattern.


Antique ???


Wooden Floats.



And more to come…here: