Monday, May 30, 2016

Cutthroat Trout Journal Page

Pareidolia, I often find what I wasn't looking for. Then starts the task of making sense of it. First I seen a fish. Next I had to figure out what kind of fish it was. I decided it was going to be a cutthroat trout. I wanted something eye-catching. Instead, I found a message for my artistic journey. I was doubting my direction and choice of task for the day. My doubt was removed.

"Trout are known for being very forthright and straightforward usually with a strong reason to go forward...with a "this is mine attitude" they strive for perfection and their set goal in mind." Words found on

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Opossum - Journal Page

I like to prep some journal pages in advance. First I collaged images from Journal Starters:Sampler Volume 1 and my upcoming  Journal Starters: NATURE - Backgrounds, Textures and Collaborations books. Next I applied a thin coat of fluid matte medium. Then I painted washes of Quinacridone / Nickel Gold and a Turquois, Raw Umber Mix. Today I was inspired by the Spirit Animal Totem post, featuring an opossum, on Facebook. I drew an opossum with some leaves and branches. Even though the opossum feet don't show on the backside in the photograph I think that I need to go back and correct this.

I wrote this quote from "Hope is the state of being hopeful. Strategy and action will move you past hope and towards success" opossum

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reflection of My Thoughts

I started by collaging three pieces, in my handmade journal, from one of my photographic images.

 I had seen an image of a man in the reflection of the water. Not an actual reflection of a man, rather a case of pareidolia. I like how the driftwood in the water suggests a collar bone. I painted around the silhouette with a wash of burnt umber and phthalo blue. I also added to the beginning of a heart shape on the opposing page.  A bit of journaling of thoughts that popped in my head. "Sometimes he appeared a reflection of my thoughts. Then a slight breeze rippled the water and he was gone. When images provoke thoughts without bearing."

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Phoenix Rising

The prompt for Journal52 week #17 is "Rise". Bonus points were given for including a Phoenix. I started with a double page spread from my upcoming book Journal Starters: NATURE - Backgrounds, Textures and Collaborations. Working from the photographic image of texture of torn and weathered wood the phoenix arose. I used Prismacolor pencils to create the phoenix and a white Gelly Roll pen for the journaling.