Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Art Journal Entry – Blank Look



I often try to control my journaling to the point of being totally unproductive. Today I just let the collage flow without any preconceived ideas. I seen the pretty face on the cover of my vintage magazine and thought “how pretty”! Pretty, but alone not a creative entry. While thinking about my recent bout of unproductivity the idea of EMPTINESS and a BLANK LOOK developed. “She was afraid they would notice the blank look on her face. She really tried, but the emptiness was beginning to show”.

Next I found the picture of a woman standing on a staircase. Further developing my theme I decided to cut away her image leaving only the shadow. “Sometimes if it wasn’t for the shadow that kept following her around she could disappear into the background”.

To the left of the woman on the staircase was the back of a man’s head. I decided to cover it up with the face from the first image. Then I decided to cut the face apart to help visually divide the senses. I used the hand from the discarded image and placed it in alignment with the shadow. “ Sometimes a touch, a glimpse, a scent, or words spoken, might help to fill the void.

The pigeon on the “Keep Off” sign symbolizes my need for privacy. A wash of Quinidacridone Gold paint to add a bit of color to this black and white page spread and it’s done!

I usually don’t like to exemplifly these types of feeling as I feel giving them too much attention gives them more power. On the other hand it was quite satisfying being productive, so perhaps I need to just create and not worry so much about the outcome.