Welcome to my Art Studio. Above are my studio dogs Valentine and Ziggy.
(In memory of Valentine). This is my "Second Floor" art studio. I like the bright light that the North window provides!

Besides a chair the dogs also have a doll bed to sleep in.

Ziggy is wondering what I have "cookies" filed under in my library card cabinet. I have the drawers filled with collage, assemblage and jewelry findings in alphabetical order.

 More pictures of Valentine and Ziggy...

just because I think that they are so cute!

 I have had this hoosier cabinet for quite awhile. Building a drawer to replace the missing one is still on my to-do-list.

 I have a desk for my computer and printer and this vintage metal office desk for making art on. A fixture for wrapping paper has been repurposed for holding books and papers above my desk.

 I also like the "L" shaped layout of the room, which provides the perfect place for a reading nook.

Photos of "First Floor" Studio. 
The appeal of this studio space is that it has a large sliding patio door with a doggie door. So I can watch the dogs playing in their fenced in yard and they can come and go, inside and outside as they please. Lots of great natural light. It is also right off of the kitchen so I can multitask with my domestic side. The downside to this space is that it is unheated. My husband says that the whole house is "studio space" and he is kind of right.

These library cabinets were my big score, only $20 at a village wide rummage sale! Although, I never pay very much for any of my studio furniture. They will be used primarily for assemblage parts and I am still in the process of organizing them.

An assemblage artist can never have too many drawers!

This machinists chest makes an ideal toolbox for my jewelry making supplies.

What my worktable looks like while I'm working on my assemblages. Never enough table surface!