Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A place to Bark Dog Rescue - Art Auction

Below is a post by my Dear friend Bernie Berlin. So far our family has two rescue dogs from her. Simon a pomeranian (my Mom's dog) and Rufus a Boston Terrier. Rescue dogs come with their own set of challenges but we love them! There is a picture of Rufus in a previous post.

This is a collaged jewelry hanger with three bird pins similiar to the one featured in the Sept/ Oct 2005 Somerset Studio.

"We are having our holiday auctions for "A Place To Bark", now thru December 25th and have a fabulous published piece of her art. It is up for the next 4 days. This link takes you to the auction:

Right now we also have 2 Beautiful hand painted purses by Jill Marie Shulse & an original piece by Claudine Hellmuth that was in her original Collage Discovery book. I have a blog post will all the different ways people can help us, help the animals this holiday season, even without any money:) More art to listed later this week..Please check it out and help spread the word!! Blessing & Light to you all, Bernie Berlin"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Artwork for Interactive Art Workshop

Today I mailed the art back to the contributing artists. I am happy to have this task done. This is a picture of the sorting process. As you can see from the picture there is a lot of art that was included in the book.

Geraldine, Olive and Laverne 3 Weeks Old

Geraldine's first time playing dress up. It's very tiring!

Geraldine, Olive and Laverne at 3 weeks old. Notice how the blaze on top of their heads is almost gone.

Saturday, November 1, 2008




Geraldine, Olive, and Laverne 1 week old. They have doubled their weight since birth. I have been working on my art at Brook's house and dog sitting while she goes to work as a graphic artist for Sailing Magazine. Gertie wanted to go to work with Brook, which is what she did - before puppies.