Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jewelry Tool Chest

On Fridays I have been going over to my very talented artist friend Jill Shulse's house to work in her studio. I have admired Jill's jewelry for some time now and she has graciously been teaching me some metalsmithing techniques. Above is my progress so far.

I have been enjoying making jewelry so much that I decided I needed to gather some supplies of my own. Here is a mechanics chest that I had bought at the annual Newburg village wide rummage sale several years ago. I hadn't found a use for it until now. It just didn't seem to fit my paints or stamping supplies. Plus I needed to repair the drawers. Speaking of rummages, I am looking forward to the season starting.

Hmmm, now to get organized. I made a list of must have items the last time I was at Jill's house. Many I already have. I took jewelry in High School and I even knew where my box was from then :) Actually I have used the supplies here and there since then. Jill recommended Volcano Arts for the supplies I still needed. I even looked around but they seemed to have everything that I needed with reasonable prices.

I love organizing (if I'm in the mood). Here is my tool box all packed with supplies that I already have. I just need my order to arrive. Then I'm all ready for my next visit with Jill.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm Teaching Two Workshops!

Today is a catch up day. I need to make some class samples for the workshops that I will be teaching this year. Both are Interactive Art Book workshops, but they each have different techniques and interactive mechanisms. I will be teaching at Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek, Wisconsin August 17 - 19 and Whispering Woodlands September 26 - 27 in Verona, Wisconsin. I have never been to Peninsula Art School but have heard many great things about it. I taught previously this year at Whispering Woodlands and we all had such a wonderful time that I agreed to teach there again.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thoughts Take Flight

Another monoprint series named "Thoughts Take Flight". Sometimes I feel that if I don't bring an idea to fruition right away it will leave. I have too many ideas for the energy and time that I have. Ahhh to be bored. It doesn't happen very often.