Whether you are a seasoned visual journaler or new to the concept, Journal Starters: Sampler Volume 1 is a unique book and useful tool for your journaling adventure. Writers will also ascertain, journaling in response to images helps to jump-start their ideas. Collage artists will also find the variety of images a useful addition to their palette.

Journal Starters: Sampler Volume 1 features:
100 pages of photographic images
Visual and written prompts
Sample images for each visual prompt
Inspiration Gallery of over 50 journal pages, created using "Journal Starters" images.

The Sampler Volume 1 features images that reflect a variety of subject matter, styles and tastes.

To spark your journaling ideas, visual and written prompts are included as well as a sample image for each visual prompt.

An “Inspiration Gallery” of finished journal pages using the “journal starters” images, by myself and 15 contributing artists are sure to give you many ideas to apply to your own pages.

The 60-pound paper is the ideal substrate for mixed media applications including collage and paint. For expanded mixed media techniques, I recommend prepping pages with a thin coat of matte medium first.

Pages are printed double-sided to give twice as many image choices for the same manufacturing cost as single-side.

For online camaraderie, artistic techniques and support, I am offering a Facebook group to owners of the book. (For more details click on page 7 below.)

You are welcome to pin or share the front and back cover. but please do not pin or share the inside pages.



Front Cover

page 1

 page 2

 page 3

 page 4

 page 5

 page 6

page 7

 page 51

 page 101

page 125
Contributing artist Jill K. Berry used "Journal Starters" images from pages 51and 101 to create her visual journal page "My Baby is in Brazil" above. Additional "Journal Starters" images to finished journal page examples are on the back cover below. Click on picture to enlarge image.

Back Cover

Many thanks to talented contributing artists - Nancy Gene Armstrong, Jill K. Berry, Carolyn Brady, Donna Marie Buchanan, Lori Franklin, Kim Geiser, Fonda Clark Haight,Theresa Hall, Mel Kolstad, Nicci Martin, Shelly Massey, Jenny Petricek, Jill Marie Shulse, Randy Umbs and Judy Wise.

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