Friday, May 20, 2011

Village Wide Rummage Sale

Nothing like a village wide rummage sale to get my heart going! I have every excuse in the book, usually, to not walk especially on a windy rainy day...except if there is the opportunity of spending some time at a village wide rummage sale. Just one more house, just one more motivation for walking. Not too far into the quest I find this:

A library card cabinet. Actually there was two sections side by side for a total of 30 drawers for $10. I could hardly believe my eyes and scurry to pay for the cabinet before someone else claims it. The owner tells me that she had another section available. So for $20 I have added 60 drawers to my cabinet collection. Not that I needed another cabinet! The downside to my find is that the sections don't have a finished backside or top. Mark wanted to know where was I going to put this. He took the cabinet sections apart so I could stack them vertically instead. After a couple of days pondering, here is the result of how I squeezed three sections into my assemblage studio.

I am sure that I can find a place for the fourth section. Many happy hours sorting junk and labeling drawers await me!