Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jackson Chameleon - Printing Class

I am fortunate to be taking a Printing class from Paul Yank at the Ozaukee Art Center. Paul is a very talented artist and teacher.

Tuesday printing class is one of the artistic highlights of my week. I always leave printing class feeling motivated and energized.

For my first printing project I chose a Jackson Chameleon. My thinking was I would be able to experiment with colors with this animal choice.

For this printing process the picture actually becomes the printing plate. A plate is inked up and the drawing is traced over it. I printed a total of 9 chameleons.

The second picture is one of my backgrounds. They are created by both (placing objects over an inked plate and printing) and (removing objects and printing). I tried to not think too much about my design choices as I didn't really know what I was doing anyways :)

The third picture is one of my finished chameleons. I love the symbolism of the "changing" chameleon which could describe one aspect of my art and how I am influenced by my surroundings and other artists and love of a variety of mediums. I like the back and forth work of bringing design elements out and hiding them with the image that is placed over.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


After visiting a couple of blogs I was reminded that I wanted to add a counter. So here it is on the right side of the page. I wonder why free counters are offered? Just as I wonder why anything is free on the web. Is it true "The best things in life are free" or "You pay for what you get"? It promises to be a wonderful day outside. I promised myself this Winter to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Time to go outside and work in the yard.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Book Cover is on Amazon

Jill K. Berry announced to the yahoo book group that the cover is now on Amazon. Jill is one of the artists whose wonderful work is showcased in my book. How exciting!!! Here is the picture of the cover.

The cover doesn't show my most artistic work. But it does showcase a special person. Lena was my Granny Eleanore's sister. She never married or had any children. I am the keeper of her pictures and a few other remembrances. The middle picture features Lena, and siblings Arleigh and Mabel. The farm pictured is where they lived when they were children. Now Lena's memory can live on :) I have a project inside featuring a picture of Granny.

Interactive Art Workshop is scheduled to be released in October 2008. I hope to author many more books! Click on the amazon link on the right side of the page to purchase this book and Amazon will give me a little $