Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

EphemeraFEST 2012


EphemeraFEST 2012 was what I had anticipated and MORE! Other attendees had stopped in throughout the day but Angelica managed to have her husband snap this group picture before the day was done. Front: Kim Rae Nugent, Mel Kolstad, and Darryl. Back Row: Kristi Fredrick, Pamela Talmadge, Angelica Suarez, Vanessa Karin Johanning and Kim Geiser. Since many of us had just met for the first time we spent a lot of time just getting acquainted. We shared ideas, techniques, preferred products and stories.

Our hostess, Kim Geiser of Persimmons Studio was gracious enough to provide the venue for free. I actually am surprised that more people didn’t take advantage of this gift.

Mel Kolstad our resident Ephemeraologist was also in attendance and enlightened several people on what Ephemera actually is. Mel and other artists brought ephemera to share. There was a table set up with plenty of free fodder for the ephemera enthusiast. Check out her informative blog here and her post about EphemeraFEST here.



Kim Geiser also had an ample amount of ephemera, jewelry, and findings for sale. I managed to limit myself to the above photos. I have already begun an assemblage using one of them.


I met Vanessa Karin Johanning for the first time. She brought color and joy to the event. Check out her blog here. There is even a sneak peak to her article in Country Women here. Here yard is beautiful!

We also celebrated Kim Geiser’s new line of stamps brought by Angelica and Jorge Suarez of Market Street Stamps. Having seen the stamps in person at EphemeraFEST, I can attest first hand that they are AWESOME! Congratulations Kim on your fun, happy and inspiring stamp line!


I really could just go on and on about what a wonderful experience it was and the special people that I met. I didn't have time to collect all of their information but here's a link to Kristi Frederick's inspirational blog called Blue Sky Notes here.

My wish for all artists, aspiring and seasoned, is for you to attend an art retreat. The experience will ignite a creative spark that will flicker for years to come.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Virginia Cast Ashore – Assemblage



An original etching from an antique book was the starting inspiration for this assemblage. I purposely left the title Virginia – From ”Paul and Virginia” visible to add to the assemblage story.

This image conjures up several possible scenarios for Virginia of why she is laying in the water at the edge of the beach. Has Virginia washed ashore from a shipwreck?  Did her lover Paul set sail on a dangerous voyage and poor despondent Virgina has flung herself into the water in desperate pity? What scenarios can you think of?



Next I found a shadow box frame in my stash. I like that the natural finish doesn’t compete with the delicate lines of the etching. Items that you may find washed ashore on a beach such as a sponge, driftwood and shells were added. The starfish bridges three dimensional items to the two dimensional etching.

This assemblage is available at my Etsy shop RAEvN’s Nest here.

Maxims and Rules of Celebrated Men - Carus - Assemblage


Maxims and Rules of Celebrated Men - Carus – Assemblage

The belt buckle was the starting inspiration piece for this assemblage. I had an idea that it could be something to look through, perhaps a portal to clarity. Next I searched for a photo and found the above cabinet photo with the handsome young gentleman. I intended on finding a one line quote from an old book to add below the picture. I pulled out my old “Chatterbox” book that I have been working in and the first page I opened I found the title for my piece “Maxims and Rules of Celebrated Men” with the quote below.

Carus. - 1. Hear as little as possible whatever is to the prejudice of others. 2. Believe nothing of the kind till you are absolutely forced to it. 3. Never drink into the spirit of any one who circulates an evil report. 4. Always moderate, as far as possible, the unkindness which is expressed towards others. 5. Always believe that if the other side were heard, a very different account would be given of the matter.

When all of the pieces come together as if they were always meant to be – this is the magic of assemblage.

To enhance the design I added three screw clips and for interest rather than adding a fourth I use a singleton cufflink, which was perhaps once worn by a “Celebrated Man”.

This is an original assemblage framed under glass. Available in my Etsy shop RAEvN's Nest here.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

EphemeraFEST – Manitowoc, WI



This Saturday I will be attending EphemeraFEST in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Kim Geiser, the owner of Persimmons Studio, is hosting the event. Mel Kolstad, a self proclaimed Ephemeraologist, will also be there!

Have you ever wished that you could attend an art retreat? Get together with like minded artists?

Money tight? It doesn’t matter because it’s FREE!!!

I attended Kim Geiser’s “Inspire My Life” Art Retreat last year. It is hard to put into words the impact attending this event had on my life. You meet new friends, collect creative ideas, and for days and months after the creative spark lasts. And every once in a while a smile comes to your face, as you remember something funny someone said or how nice someone was…

You can find the page for EphemeraFEST and more information on facebook here:


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Butterfly Necklace – Assemblage

I haven’t posted in awhile. Instead I have been listing items in a new Etsy shop (details soon), cleaning and organizing. I find it difficult to incorporate blogging when I’m being productive or unproductive (so blogging fits in this little niche between).
An actual butterfly wing sandwiched between plexiglass and brass. My sweet sister sent me some bugs that she had been collecting over the years, to copper electroform. The wings on the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly were just too pretty to cover. The adjustable necklace is made up of smoky faceted round luster glass beads, rough faceted chunks of tourmaline and faceted teardrop shaped natural citrine. I will be listing this on my Etsy shop as soon as I get some more pictures taken. SOLD!

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Sketchbook Challenge – Fruits and Veggies



The other night I hung out in the garage with my son and his friend. They shared a couple of “Angry Orchard Hard Ciders” with me. Tasty, I might add. I don’t drink often and then usually limit myself to one as I have a migraine problem. Luckily, no problem.

I added a sketch of an apple to comply with the May Sketchbook Challenge’s theme of “Fruits & Veggies”.

I used the labels as inspiration, starting with two. I then drew an apple and leaves, coloring them in with colored pencils. To balance the composition of the page I added a third partial label. Next I journaled my thoughts. Feeling like the composition needed more I drew in the apple blossoms and inked over them with a jelly pen. To finish the page I painted a loose wash of Golden Green Gold Fluid Acrylics around all of the components.