Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jackson Chameleon - Printing Class

I am fortunate to be taking a Printing class from Paul Yank at the Ozaukee Art Center. Paul is a very talented artist and teacher.

Tuesday printing class is one of the artistic highlights of my week. I always leave printing class feeling motivated and energized.

For my first printing project I chose a Jackson Chameleon. My thinking was I would be able to experiment with colors with this animal choice.

For this printing process the picture actually becomes the printing plate. A plate is inked up and the drawing is traced over it. I printed a total of 9 chameleons.

The second picture is one of my backgrounds. They are created by both (placing objects over an inked plate and printing) and (removing objects and printing). I tried to not think too much about my design choices as I didn't really know what I was doing anyways :)

The third picture is one of my finished chameleons. I love the symbolism of the "changing" chameleon which could describe one aspect of my art and how I am influenced by my surroundings and other artists and love of a variety of mediums. I like the back and forth work of bringing design elements out and hiding them with the image that is placed over.

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Laume said...

That finished chameleon is fantastic - he looks 3D!