Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rufus' Insomnia

Awhile back I said I would post a picture of my third boston terrier. This is Rufus. I don't usually like to post our family tribulations on my blog but here goes...For some reason Rufus has Insomnia along with anxiety at bedtime. He can't sleep, he is so worried he gives himself digestive problems, which leaves him requesting multiple outside trips. Rufus isn't allowed to sleep with Mark & I. Ziggy & Valentine know the rules. If both Mark & I are in bed, they must sleep in their beds next to ours in our room. We often wake up with Rufus sleeping between both of us shoulder level. Putting him in a crate makes things worse. Last night Rufus could sleep with me but Mark was gone so he was worried about that. Poor Rufus is tired this morning, and so am I :)


Jill Marie Shulse said...

Hmm...those dogs from Tennessee!!! They all seem to have their 'quirks' don't they??!! LOL

As for your little grandpuppy, Gertie, I don't know about her...Now that she's no longer 'virginal,' I suppose you'll keep her hidden so nobody sees her 'condition.' Naughty mommy and grandma...letting her 'frolic' with a little gigalo in another state, while you WATCHED!! Will you be sending her off to visit 'Aunt Edna' as the time draws near???!!! LOLOL

Jill Marie Shulse said...

PS: I love your new banner! It's wonderful! I also like your artist picture. It's really, really beautiful.
Of course, your artist photo should really have 'googly eyes,' don't you think????? LOL

BTW: I'll be around tomorrow if you want to get together...Tuesday I leave for my Thomas Mann workshop.