Monday, January 12, 2009

Hardwood Flooring Project

Wednesday night Mark & I tore out the carpeting in our bedroom. When we built our house we bought the cheapest grade carpeting. Kids were young, plus we always have always had dogs. Our 5 year carpeting was now 14 years old. Time for a change. Thursday my sons Aren, Casey and I started on the flooring. My job was to lay out the boards and cut the end ones to length. I love construction work. I even worked for a construction company for a couple of years doing clean up of the sites. Our whole upstairs has hardwood maple flooring that we removed from a school that was about to be demolished. I paid $50 for the lot at the auction. The boys are experts at hardwood flooring as they were only 8 & 9 when they helped to pull nails out. That year in 4th grade Casey won the lumberjack contest at school for pounding nails into a board. All the joints had to be cleaned before it could be laid down. They were filled with varnish and lots of glitter! The original finish is still on the floor, not pristine, but full of character. I wasn't as ambitious this time and bought flooring that was already prefinished. A pneumatic floor nailer was another luxury this time.

Thursday night Mark and Casey had 1/3 of the flooring done and on Friday we finished it.

Sunday we finished putting the trim around the room. How exciting, I like the new room look without furniture and stuff. Sunday night we put in the main furniture. I plan on taking my time decorating to enjoy the process.


Gail said...

The flooring looks so nice! You guys did a great job.

Trægulve said...

What a very amazing wood floor. It looks so nice. I hope you will post more and thank you for sharing.

diane said...

Beautiful floor! I love it! I hope you put the bed back in so you have somewhere to sleep. I would like to keep the room empty too, so as to enjoy the wood.