Saturday, October 31, 2009

RAEvN's Nest Art Retreat - Thursday Night

Thursday night's social included a closet full of vintage and slightly odd clothes (some from my own closet :) for dress up and pictures. I sent the pictures to Walgreens and had them ready for the participants before the retreat was over. Here are some of my favorites.

Being the only guy on Thursday (Richard Salley was delayed in Chicago) Randy was worried at first when he walked into the closet. Luckily I had planned for Men's fashions too!

My daughter Brook, decided she liked the jacket and hat and now wants them!

Dianna modeling the latest in Cedarburg fashion.

Janet Davis drove all the way from Pennsylvania to attend RAEvN's Nest Retreat and found this lovely outfit to wear.

Kim Grant looking towards the stars.

Skip Wencl our Birthday girl!

Marie Kennedy sporting the latest in RAEvN's Nest Fashion!

Hmmm kind of how I always look ;)


sharon said...

such fun kim! we're chanting "next year in cedarburg..."

Lille Diane said...

What fun!!!!

Lille Diane said...

I would love to come next year. I will put it on my dream board as part of my healing steps. Can you email me info? Thanks!