Saturday, November 6, 2010

Milwaukee County Zoo

Today was a Family Free Day at the Milwaukee Zoo. My daughter Brook had read my comment on facebook about how I hadn't been to the Zoo in a long time and wanted to. When Brook found this special offer at our zoo she suggested we go.

I stopped by her house and just before we got into her car I seen a penny.

"See a Penny Pick it up, for the day you'll have good luck".

I snatched it and put it in my pocket without saying a word ;)

I told Brook if she drove I would pay for parking. Parking is $11.00 and the admission fee per adult is usually $11.75 for this time of year. When we arrived we noticed all the cars parked along Bluemound with people walking into the Zoo grounds. What a good idea, besides the cost of gas this will be a FREE outing. We turned on a side street where other Zoo attendees were parking. I glanced at the sign and it said-

We are such thrifty girls! What a beautiful Fall day. Perfect weather to walk around the zoo.

Our first stop was the penguins. They were very amusing to watch. Unfortunately I am not an action photographer so this was the best I could do.

Here we are. Our plan was to take another picture in better lighting but it never happened.

They have one of those machines at the Zoo if you insert a penny plus 50 cents it flattens the penny with an impression of the Zoo in the shape of an oval medallion. I pick the one with a peacock on it. I confess to Brook about the penny...

When we arrived in the primate building Brook sees another machine with different monkeys for the medallions. I tease that I wish that I had waited before spending my money. Brook pays to make me a monkey medallion. I plan on putting them in my journal.

It is simply amazing the variety of animals we have on Earth!

This handsome fellow was in the aquarium. I wish that I had written down the names of my picture subjects. He reminds me of the incredible Mr. Limpet.

He looks like he is trying to tell us something.

Perhaps that we are such thrifty ladies...

And reminder, we gotta stick our necks out there so people know what we do... And how we can help them!

There is a snake loose and it's not this fellow!

Caribou and

Grizzly bears. This fellow seems to actually enjoy all of the attention. Did you notice the bear in the hammock below the deck?

Camels can drink up to 25 gallons of water at once. I have trouble drinking 2 quarts in a day!

Time to leave. Brook and I comment how we each only spent 50 cents - not bad hey? Oh and I forgot that I splurged on a Pepsi out of the machine for $2.00. We get in the car and there it is...on the windshield...tucked under the wiper could it be...a ticket! We get out to look, Mr. Police Officer is driving by. He says he is sorry, apparently there were many people who made the same mistake. I walk over to the sign again and I see what I missed the first time.

After reading the green sign I didn't bother to read on. I just assumed the 1 hour rule did not pertain to Sat-Sun and Holidays. Besides the red sign was way above my eye level. No excuses!

This is how I feel...time for bed.
"See a penny pick it up, for the day you'll have good luck... if you don't flatten it's face value!"

The next Family Free Day is December 4, are you game?

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