Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bumper Cow - Madison, Wisconsin

Every once in awhile I google my name and this image came up. One of my accomplishments before I started this blog. My husband and I made this for Cow Parade Wisconsin 2006. 101 cows were displayed in and around Madison. I designed and painted the "Bumper Cow". My husband Mark fabricated the seat and opening. He also attached the pole and steering wheel. After they were done being displayed, the cows were auctioned off to benefit various charities.

The story behind this is Mark had surgery on both big toes and his knee before it was due. He took a little time to recuperate before finishing the fabrication. This left me with only 1 week to paint the entire cow, so being stressed out, I gave myself a migraine which lasted the entire time. Sometimes we can't enjoy the process!

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