Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2011 Vacation Journal

My friend Jill K. Berry gifted me this journal she made. I had been saving it for "something special". Something special was a trip with my husband Mark to visit long time friends John & Gail in Idaho and Randy in Montana. I love the small portable size of this journal and it was my goal to completely fill it during our vacation. The 72 pages, although tiny proved to be a daunting task. Today I have finished the journal, 10 days since the end of our 10 day trip. So this journal comprises everything artful that I have created in 20 days. Below is a sampling of the pages.

A fold out map showing the route we took plus where we stayed overnight.

This was one of the few paintings that I was able to create while on our vacation. It is a view from "Ancient Hunters Overlook" in the Badlands. I had a lot of time to journal while driving but motion sickness makes this impossible for me. By the time we parked for the night I was usually too tired to journal.

I did take over 300 photos during the trip and Mark took over 700. So I had a lot of reference photos to work from.

We visited Yellowstone. I was in awe about the numbers of wildlife that we seen there.

We brought a lot of food along and cooked many of our meals. Mark's fortune from a chinese take out that we treated ourselves to.

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Dale Anne Potter said...


NaNa said...

Ohhhh... This is absolutely FANTASTIC! Love it!

anna maria said...

So many times, when I still had photo albums instead of digital photos, it would be a chore to put them in an album, so you can really be proud that you were able to fill up that journal with impressions and art work!

Jill Berry said...

How did I miss this? I love to see a finished journal, your journaling makes me swoon, and to see this one is fab! I am SO glad you used it, and so beautifully. Your trip sounds like it was the true western experience.

Kim Rae Nugent said...

You make me smile Jill!