Saturday, January 21, 2012

Silver Carnival Horse Necklace

Today I finished this necklace. The actual construction didn't take long once I decided on the design. What took me a lot of time was going through my stash looking for inspiration.

The vintage silver horse is the starting inspiration for this necklace. I made this piece of jewelry, filled with loving memories. I also made it with the intention of listing it on Etsy. It is not always easy to for me to let go of my art.

The above picture is of my Great Aunt Lena. She never married nor had children. I am the keeper of her pictures, some belongings and memories. Lena is at the carnival with her boyfriend. This picture along with the horse gave me the idea to pursue a vintage carnival inspired theme. The pearl rosary style chain is from Lena's jewelry box. I love the combination of beads in white, silver, plum, steel and a bit of pink for a feminine touch. The asymmetrical design gives added interest to the composition of this necklace. The 5 small silver beads are from my Aunt Carol and Uncle Al. At one time they sold jewelry findings at flea markets.

The necklace measures 24" with the horse and poles hanging an additional 4" below.

Close-up detail.

Another photo styling idea.

To complete the necklace I added a vintage silver barrel clasp. The crescent shaped beads are silver plated brass. I am not sure of the metal content of the rest of the necklace.

Time to share my memories and list this necklace on Etsy. You can find the necklace listed here:
SOLD 1/21/12

Next I need to put away the creative mess...

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