Saturday, November 3, 2012

August Sketchbook Challenge – Shelter



I haven’t been working in my journal much lately and have missed it. I also miss participating in the Sketchbook Challenge, so I have decided to complete the challenges for each month that I have missed even though they are over. A few weeks ago I was at our families cabin and thought the Sketchbook Challenge theme “Shelter” fit how I feel about the cabin very well. My Dad built this log structure and I have always admired his skills. I would like to build small dwellings someday…maybe. Anyways, above is a journal entry including the adorable little cook stove that is in the cabin.


Another view from the cabin featuring the old couch that is past it’s prime. I thought I better paint a picture of it before it’s gone.

I am also thinking about the people on the East Coast and how many of them have lost their “Shelter” because of Hurricane Sandy. They are in my thoughts and prayers and I am reminded to fortify my shelter with food and supplies for the upcoming Winter. It is always wise to be prepared well in advance.


Beadwright said...

Wonderful sketchbook. Prayers to all who have lost to Sandy.

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Thank you Nicole!