Monday, March 17, 2014

And Out Like a Lamb.

At this date the title of this journal page is only wishful thinking. This is a continuation of theme from my previous journal page “March Came in Like a Lion”.  I found the bird that had escaped from the cage. I looked for spring flowers and these sprouted. The March lion hasn’t completely left, he is gnawing on some spring flowers. I chose the metal chair for it’s geometric qualities. The chair legs from the chairs on the previous page for added continuity.

Next I added several washes of a mixture of Golden pthalo blue and burnt umber. The lamb has appeared without planning, do you see it?

A rough outline first and then I begin to work on the eye.

The finished journal page! I really enjoy working this way. Starting with collaged elements take me on an artistic journey I would have never traveled by drawing alone.


Vicki Miller said...

i love how you took all those elements and integrated them into a lovely whole!

Jill Berry said...

I did this yesterday too! Your lamb is so dreamy and beautiful. Love your pages Kim.