Sunday, July 20, 2014

Art Journal Page – Spiraling From My Center



It has been awhile since I have worked in my art journal. Journaling helps me to feel centered.

I had the idea of “spiraling from my center”. I drew a spiral and then proceeded to tear out pictures and some words from a magazine that I was drawn to. Next I tore segments to add to the spiral and glued them down.


After I was satisfied with the collage portion I added washes of acrylic paint following the spiral pattern. Then came my favorite step, mark making. I find this step to be very meditative.

“As the world expands – the further away I feel from my center”. Not sure of the wording so I rephrased underneath. Sometimes I feel that I am “spiraling out of control”.

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tgarrett said...

I love this Kim. I can so late to what you are talking about here. I LOVE your blog name. We have ravens here and I love them- they are a totem for me.