Saturday, September 6, 2014

Quick Starts – Art Journaling

I was having a hard time getting inspired to create a journal spread. I had flipped through 7 magazines and nothing was clicking. I was wishing that I could attend a journaling class or get together with another artist and journal. I needed something to get me started! And there it was…


I cut apart the words and rearranged them to fit a parrot that I remembered seeing earlier.
Next came the phrase “A RIDDLE, OUTRAGE OR SUPERB PIECE OF WORK”? A perfect description to my art journaling. I place it where the line on the “A” crossed and above the part of the “S” so that you could still read the word “STARTS”.


Some paint to start the process of making it my own.

A magazine picture that I had clipped out a previous day that was laying in my stack of magazines. The birds would make a nice addition to my parrot.

I cut apart the picture to fit on the word “QUICK’'. Then find places for the parts that I cut off. This helps to tie the whole spread together.

I extend the floral design and add a string for the parrot to pull. Quick journaling of thoughts in my head. Sign and date and it’s done!
A riddle, outrage or superb piece of work? Smile


HappyDayArt! said...

A superb piece of work! I love it!
Catherine Witherell

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Thank you for the kind words Catherine.

tgarrett said...

Thanks for this post Kim- that does happen to all of us and I loved how you showed us how the spread came to be. I live in a remote area so not much chance of an art pal to come over- I do find that when I just do some sort of background then I use some of my collage fodder and I am off and running.

Brian Kasstle said...

This is wonderful! Such a great way to start a spread and it is encouragement for those that have trouble with where to start! We ALL do!


Marianne Morris said...

Really like this... thanks for posting working photos. Its great to see how it came together. :)

Sparkly Heart Studio said...

ah, Kim, your work is always superb! perhaps ridiculously and outrageously superb? :D
love the piece and love your thought process! xoxo