Thursday, May 19, 2016

Opossum - Journal Page

I like to prep some journal pages in advance. First I collaged images from Journal Starters:Sampler Volume 1 and my upcoming  Journal Starters: NATURE - Backgrounds, Textures and Collaborations books. Next I applied a thin coat of fluid matte medium. Then I painted washes of Quinacridone / Nickel Gold and a Turquois, Raw Umber Mix. Today I was inspired by the Spirit Animal Totem post, featuring an opossum, on Facebook. I drew an opossum with some leaves and branches. Even though the opossum feet don't show on the backside in the photograph I think that I need to go back and correct this.

I wrote this quote from "Hope is the state of being hopeful. Strategy and action will move you past hope and towards success" opossum

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