Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gourd Doll

Here is a doll that is made from a gourd and other natural elements. I shaped some of the parts including the mouth with a dremel tool. The best part was spending some time outside on a beautiful Spring day collecting sticks and grape vine.

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MizCarla said...

Kim I didn't even know you had a blog!! I'm so glad I saw your email and came to check it out. I added you to my links so I won't lose you!

Your gourd doll is awesome! I love it's teeth :D

Bernie is a *bad bad bad* influence heeheehee--the things she can talk us into doing. I'm glad you listened though because you really do NEED a blog. The key is to not spend hours looking at everyone else's lol.

Have fun with it-I'll check on you soon.