Monday, April 16, 2007


My sister Jodi is organizing this:


Artists Call to Arms PEACE

Inspired by collaborative projects like the Aids Name Quilts and Sonya Clark’s Beaded Prayers Project, we invite you to help create the “Countdown to PEACE.” Presented in calendar format, the project will begin with March 19, 2003 (the day the war in Iraq began) and will end when the war ends. At this point we are into the fifth year of the war; the calendar format allows us a way to measure the full extent of the war and gives us a visual sense of its continuing scope.

Each calendar month will be its own presentation board made up of 4-inch squares, 7 across and 5-6 rows down. Each entry will represent one day of this war. We are inviting artists to send us entries that are no larger than 4-inches square and no deeper than 1 inch. Limiting size will make display feasible. Work that is included in this project will become the property of the project. The entries will be permanently attached to the “calendar” pages for ease of transporting.

Any media is acceptable. Remember that since only one side of the work will be seen, 2-D approaches are preferred, however clay or metal works done in relief (for example) will also be accepted.

We intend for the project to be POSITIVE in nature. We are mainly interested in your personal VISION OF PEACE. Please do not use imagery and/or text that is specific to any government officials or policies. Please keep the focus on PROMOTING PEACE rather than on decrying war.

Entries that do not meet the criteria in terms of size or content will be returned to the sender.

Send your work, along with $10. PER ENTRY; the entry fee is non-refundable. Make checks payable to “Countdown to Peace.” Mail your entry and check to:

Countdown to Peace
c/o East Carolina University

Jenkins Fine Arts Center
Greenville, NC 27858

Attn: Jubran or Billingsley

Email questions to:
Jodi Hollnagel-Jubran at
Catherine Billingsley at

Money collected from the entry fees will be used STRICTLY to defray the costs of display materials, promotional information, shipping, and insurance.

It is also our hope that as the project grows, we will be able to create a website that will provide information on current developments. We want to begin displaying the project as of the Fall of 2007. It is our intention to create a book that will include: 1. an alphabetical listing of all contributors with the day, month, and year where each entry is displayed and 2. a chronological listing of entries along with artist’s name.


e-mail Jodi or Catherine for a copy of the RELEASE FORM: Return this form with your entry.

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carolk said...

I've not read about the countdown to peace, but just viewed your website and absolutly love your work.Fantastic!!!