Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Book Cover is on Amazon

Jill K. Berry announced to the yahoo book group that the cover is now on Amazon. Jill is one of the artists whose wonderful work is showcased in my book. How exciting!!! Here is the picture of the cover.

The cover doesn't show my most artistic work. But it does showcase a special person. Lena was my Granny Eleanore's sister. She never married or had any children. I am the keeper of her pictures and a few other remembrances. The middle picture features Lena, and siblings Arleigh and Mabel. The farm pictured is where they lived when they were children. Now Lena's memory can live on :) I have a project inside featuring a picture of Granny.

Interactive Art Workshop is scheduled to be released in October 2008. I hope to author many more books! Click on the amazon link on the right side of the page to purchase this book and Amazon will give me a little $

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Jill K. Berry said...

Hi Kim, I really like the cover, because it is nothing like any art book out there and very distinctive. Someone will pick it up and be intrigued by the car and the cow and the signs, I really think they will flip it open and say YES! I have to have this book!

Just can't wait to see it!