Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jewelry Tool Chest

On Fridays I have been going over to my very talented artist friend Jill Shulse's house to work in her studio. I have admired Jill's jewelry for some time now and she has graciously been teaching me some metalsmithing techniques. Above is my progress so far.

I have been enjoying making jewelry so much that I decided I needed to gather some supplies of my own. Here is a mechanics chest that I had bought at the annual Newburg village wide rummage sale several years ago. I hadn't found a use for it until now. It just didn't seem to fit my paints or stamping supplies. Plus I needed to repair the drawers. Speaking of rummages, I am looking forward to the season starting.

Hmmm, now to get organized. I made a list of must have items the last time I was at Jill's house. Many I already have. I took jewelry in High School and I even knew where my box was from then :) Actually I have used the supplies here and there since then. Jill recommended Volcano Arts for the supplies I still needed. I even looked around but they seemed to have everything that I needed with reasonable prices.

I love organizing (if I'm in the mood). Here is my tool box all packed with supplies that I already have. I just need my order to arrive. Then I'm all ready for my next visit with Jill.


Rumbs said...

Awesome tool box! Wooden ones are great especially if you can keep them out of the humidity. Nothing like wood...

Attic Rat said...

The tool box is absolutely splendid. What a terrific piece! Fun, fun.

Bev said...

What a great find, I'd love to have one in wood...how kewl it goes with your desk too.
I'm happy to have found your blog!!!

vintagepix said...

That is one glorious tool box - it's a work of art in itself! I'm glad rummage season has started too :D
Carolyn Brady
(a Raevn's Nest Retreat attendee)

jill Berry said...

Wow Kim, really fabulous piece and toolbox. Wish I had known you were collecting as I have a huge box of unused jewelry stuff. Oh well! Sounds like you are having a great time with Jill, she is quite a talent. Wish I could join you!

Jill Marie Shulse said...

I must agree that your tool chest is a wonderful find. And the jewelry that you've made so far is fantastic! I love getting together on Fridays in my studio!!