Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thoughts Take Flight

Another monoprint series named "Thoughts Take Flight". Sometimes I feel that if I don't bring an idea to fruition right away it will leave. I have too many ideas for the energy and time that I have. Ahhh to be bored. It doesn't happen very often.


Linda East said...

Oh Wow, Kim this piece is awesome, when you make your monoprints do you paint directly on to a plexiglass or metal sheet and then pull the print or do you use another process..

Isn't it exciting to be teaching what you love?

I am a lot like you in the fact that I have so many ideas that I have to keep a journal on my work table to write the ideas down as they come so I won't forget them.
You might want to try that..sometimes I keep the journal by my bed because art ideas come to me just before I go to sleep or when I first wake up. I think it is a blessing to never be bored, I just hope I live to be as old as Georgia O'Keeffe (98) so I will have time to create all of my ideas.

I love your work, the birds/humans are just incredible...I have seen your work in Somerset and enjoyed them so much.

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Linda (Okla)

Anonymous said...

Kim, I am responding to your comment on my
Your work is astounding.
This piece is my favorite. You and I seem to have a great love for native american art and mytholgy.We also seem to parallel each other in our other art interests. I am also a mixed media jeweler and collage artist.
I have bookmarked your site. Glad to get to know you.