Monday, August 2, 2010

ArT PaRtY 2010 & Burning Woman

This Summer I turn 50 years old. I truly have been blessed the passed 50 years and wanted to celebrate by hosting a three day Art Party at my house. Guests could come for the weekend, a couple hours, or just stop by to say hi.

The main theme of the Art Party was simply to provide a group of artists a place to get together and create for FREE.

Ever since I have heard of the event Burning Man I have been intrigued with the idea of attending the event. The main drawback for me is that it is held in the middle of the desert. I don't tolerate the heat well and no natural water kind of freaks me out.

Since I am turning 50 and all that goes with the next phase of my life I thought Burning Woman would be a fitting metaphor.

Her nose is a bit large but the hat does a good job of downplaying its size :-)

Nice Nails!

My son Casey building Burning Woman.

Mom, I and the finished product.

Mom & Casey. The fence was around to keep the dogs out since anything in their backyard is of extreme interest to them.

My friend Peggy treated myself and attendees to a chair massage.

There was quite a variety of media that was worked on.
Linda busy making cards. I guess that I better turn on the lights.

Brenda was painting and Ali working on a collage.

Peggy creating a display board for her massage business Timeless Touch Massage.

Jeanne prepping tiles for a mosaic.

The finished poster for Timeless Touch Massage.

Jill Shulse working on a project.

Jill Shulse holding Wilma.

Wilma's mother Flossie trying to con Shelly out of some snacks.

Messages were added

The fire was lit

Engulfed in fire

The flames danced
and danced
a work of art ever changing

Oddly the womb and right temple was where the fire concentrated for a long time

fire is so primal
This story is my gift from Dave - the only guy to witness this event ;)

July 31, 2010 8:30pm -Witnessed a tribal ritual of unexplainable proclaimed artists around a wood statue of a woman. This only happens every 50 years. This picture is the only record. The next day it was gone. Story told

What a perfect gift!

Burning Woman lasted for over an hour then toppled at 10:00pm. Reminding me that nothing lasts forever...but doesn't disappear...only changes.

Peggy and others pulled parts in the pit and it burned all night

Still smoldering the next day!

I plan on making more art to burn!

My friends John & Gail had a tandom celebratory Burning Woman in Idaho since they couldn't be here with me - how thoughtful!

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