Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Assemblage Figures

I am thrilled to announce I have an article featured in the Fall 2010 issue of Art Doll Quarterly. Larry, Helen and Albert are making their debut here. But, to see more of my assemblage figures and article check out the current issue.


Larry could not resist the urge to pinch his Mother-in-Law.


Helen's heart belonged to the stage.


Whenever Albert's world was turned upside down he was given the opportunity to start over.


Jill Berry said...

You so deserve this article, I fell in love with those peeps when I was there. The quality of your work makes you stand out, it is so creative and so, so well done. Congratulations Kim, I will buy the magazine just for your pages!!!

Pam said...

These are great Kim!

marcella said...

These are wonderful!
I love your little stories about the characters.
YOu are very creative.