Tuesday, April 5, 2011

64 Annual Ozaukee County Art Show

I entered my owl assemblage titled He Knows Who in the 64th Annual Ozaukee County Art Show at the Cedarburg Cultural Center.

The saw handle was the inspiration for this assemblage as it reminded me of an owl's head. The shape of the handle is just as I found it. The body is made from a wood casting pattern. The wing feathers are made from the clips of an old fishing stringer and a recipe page for eggs from a vintage book. The feet are curtain hooks and tail feathers are made from parts of Christmas tree candle holders. I cut out and etched the brass plate with the phrase HE KNOWS WHO. The phrase relates duality of the noise an owl makes and what the wise man knows. The cast metal drawer pull was the final addition.

To see more of my assemblage figures click here.

I was greeted by a nice surprise when I went to the opening of the Show on Sunday.

Actually two surprises as my Mom Joan Hollnagel also received a ribbon. It is always special to have one's art validated in this way, thank you judges!

Both pieces of art were hung on the wall next to each other. Click on my Mom's picture to see all of the amazing detail that she has incorporated into this design.


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Kim!! THis is a wonderful piece, ribbons well deserved!! Love your mom's piece as well!!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Kim, found my way to this post via Jill Berry. Your owl assemblage is amazing, congratulations!!

Carmi said...

That saw placement is brilliant! L love the words you chose! Wish I could see this in person!

Leslie Brier, Brier Design Studio said...

What a fabulous piece! I love this type of assemblage.

Aina said...

The Piece is great! Your talent and creativity is amazing.
The same goes for your mom...