Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photo Styling My Living Room

I have been pinning beautiful home design ideas using Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to "pin" pictures off of their site and other websites creating a virtual bulletin board to store ideas.

I am inspired to photo style objects in my house "feathering the nest." This is a view from my living room. The only piece in it's original location to the way we really live is the watercolor painting by Violette Yahnke. I bought the painting from her at her last show. The frame was a score from my sister. The bench is from my kitchen and was made by my Dad years ago by combining the bottom of a sewing machine stand to a buggy seat. The table was given to me while helping Bernie Berlin pack to move. The crocheted pillow was made by my Granny Eleanore. The pillow case hanging on the back of the bench is also from Granny. The linen pillow is one I had made and actually turned around to the backside as I felt the flowers embroidered on the front did not match with my design scheme. The lamp is from my studio, a score from St. Vincent dePaul years ago. Spanky the boston terrier is posing as the model dog. What fun this has been!

Now to put everything back to the way we really live. The pillows need to be stored away as the dogs would have them off the bench the minute I wasn't looking!
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vintagepix said...

I love this - how we would live if we didn't have to live in the real world (with pets, dust, regular house cleaning, etc) Is that the sewing machine treadle under the bench? that is wonderful!

anna maria said...

It's so perfect. I love the colors and the pooch is a supermodel!

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Yes Carolyn it a sewing machine treadle under the bench. Anna Marie, Spanky thanks you!
Thank you both!