Friday, September 2, 2011

House Design Continued - Kitchen View

Here is where the bench usually is in the kitchen (see previous post). The jug terrarium was Mark's and has survived for over 30 years. The grandmother clock was from a kit that my grandma Eleanore's husband put together. The hoya plant on the top of the clock was mine since I was a teenager, so it probably is almost 40 years old. They are very hardy plants. I only have a few plants, these are ones that have survived years of neglect. The wooden boards that hold my curtains are eveners from an old wagon. They even out the animals when they are pulling the wagon. Other than the pillows and potted flowers in the window this is a regular view from my kitchen. Bonus -This was a good incentive to wash my windows inside and out.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic sleigh seat. I've been pricing them and making your own is the way to go. You did a great job.