Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Profile Picture



I have had the same profile picture since the start of this blog in 2006. I am compelled to make a change. To flip up the blinders and look in different directions. This is my masked character RAEvN.  Some characters with dual identities and anonymity choose to duck in and out of their invincible roles. “The disguise has therefore become a mythical element. ... The character divides himself into two component parts, each part playing its role: the alter ego and the secret identity. The dream half (alter ego) expresses all that the author or designer — and with him the reader — would like to be; the other half, rooted in reality, is a symbol of the ordinary everyday man following the behaviour pattern ordained by society. It is a division of life into dream and reality ... and serves to strengthen the individual's self-confidence and to justify his personal way of thinking.” [4] 

To join me in my creative journey are my faithful companions… because who else could I convince to wear this costume :)

521 Spanky


524 Ziggy

534  Edna

536 and Rufus.

Stay tuned for the artful adventures of RAEvN and her supporting canine cast.

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