Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Assemblage Art Journals



A couple of years ago I started making these art journals for myself. I wanted to incorporate some of the jewelry making techniques I have been using to create a one of a kind journals. Although I have made myself other journals, this is my first one of this type. The cover started with the top and base from a wooden cigar box. The radio dial was the inspiration for the theme and style of the cutout brass plate. These are my everyday journals. I continually struggle with the desire to use a different journal for a different style of art or purpose. I have found that I usually didn’t have the right journal convenient when I needed it. This is the first journal that I have fully completed, other than a specific event journal that covered one topic such as an art retreat or vacation. I find the 6” x 8” journal a very comfortable size for me to use. The book is filled with 140# cold press watercolor paper that has been torn down from larger sheets and held together with coptic stitch binding. COMPLETED



A larger size cigar box dictated the 8” x 10” size for this journal. I continued the “Tuning into Creativity” theme but also included my name and the year into the etched brass. I made this journal shortly after creating the first one. Unfortunately I estimated my start time incorrectly and instead of 2009 didn’t begin working in the Journal until February 2010. COMPLETED



A shutter from a vintage Kodak camera was the inspiration for this journal. Focusing on creativity is definitely something that I am trying to accomplish. Incorporating my name and the date permanently on the cover adds and extra quality of personalization. I also added a piece of leather from a vintage suitcase that was beyond repair. Size 6” x 8”. COMPLETED


Close-up showing face from an antique engraving covered with a sheet of mica.



This is the journal that I am currently working in. I used a door escutcheon with an antique engraving of an eye in the bezel filled with resin. Beneath the escutcheon I placed some handmade paper and a vintage ticket for added texture and interest. Size 6” x 8”.



As mentioned earlier in this entry it is challenging for me to work in one journal at a time. For the most part I want to be able to share my journals. I try not to write anything in them that I wouldn’t want anyone to read. This journal is an exception. I wanted a place to record my feelings about spirituality and organized religions. I replaced the Virgin Mary with my face in a brass icon, not because I think that I am Virgin Mary or even like the Virgin Mary but because I am “trying to understand”. The title “Confessions of a Sinner” was inspired by my experiences in parochial school and church. Size 6” x 8'”



Journal #4 wasn’t done yet but I had an idea for this journal and the pages inside of it. Yes, I am FRagMENted! For more information on this journal see this post.


Sue Young said...

These are just absolutely stunning Kim! Wow! I would dearly love to learn how to make one. Hmmm... Time fir u to teach a class!!!!! Seriously!

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Thanks Sue! I would be interested in teaching a class. Perhaps in the Spring.

Jill Berry said...

Your journals just make me gasp in admiration. I want every single one of them, I LOVE your mind, and your craftsmanship, and your creativity.