Monday, July 2, 2012

Fortune Cookie Inspired Journal Page – Seahorse


My journal page from yesterday 7–1-2012. I just notice that I dated it July 31, hmmm….

A fortune cookie was the inspiration for this journal page.

The fortune cookie reads You will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation. I looked in an old atlas for a place that had "warm waters". The coast of California looked like a "fun" place that I would like to "vacation". I collaged a portion of the coast of California with the claim ticket and fortunes from my take-out meal. The next challenge for me was to decide what to draw. My first thought was a turtle but I couldn't find a picture in my picture file that I liked. Since I wanted to sketch outside I didn't want to use my computer for a reference.

A picture of a seahorse caught my eye. In the description it said that they live in "warm waters". I used colored pencils to draw the Seahorse. I like colored pencils for collage work because you can vary the amount of imagery (In this case a map) that you allow to show through. The armour plates covering the Seahorse’s body was difficult to replicate. Then I painted a wash of raw umber and pthalo blue Golden Fluid Acrylics.

Now that I see the above journal page posted, I feel that I need to go back and add some more journaling and finishing touches.

Finished journal page below!


Kathleen said...

Nice photos on your blog. I like your artwork too! I can see why you were asked to join the journal book.

Peggy S Fry said...

I tried to do the sketchbook challenge but pooped out early. Life got in the way. Oh well!

I like the seahorse and the thought of warm water. I like to think of friendly things in the sea, seahorses, nemo-fish and not the nasty bitey stingy things that live there too! I am a wuss!

Vanessa Johanning said...

I love this !! the colors are perfect!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
its cool to read about your process and meaning behind the art.. I always find that fascinating !!

Vivian Helena said...

Love your Seahorse,, makes me want to get to the ocean.

Judy Nolan said...

Amazing how a fortune cookie evolved into this fantastic seahorse collage! Love the Kahlil Gibran quote, too. Thanks for offering a giveaway!

Linda said...

what a beautiful, beautiful seahorse drawing!!!