Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Metaphor Alchemy–Etsy Shop in Reality



Time to get organized!

This is the back corner of my basement. Soon to be the dedicated space for the items in my Etsy shops - Metaphor Alchemy, RAEvN’s Nest and RAEvN’s Treasures.

RAEvN’s Nest is my shop featuring art created by myself.

RAEvN’s Treasures is my thrift shop.

Metaphor Alchemy is my shop dedicated to mostly antique tools and components for your artistic creations.

Three shops is too many for me to keep up with, but unless I figure out a better system it will stay this way.


Here is my newly organized shipping center. The library cabinet fit perfectly on the shelf so it will be used to store and organize small items for my shops.


Here is a metal storage cabinet for packing material, padded envelopes and USPS boxes. This is what I have done so far.

Time to get back to organizing!

Or take a nap…

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