Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Estes Park Art Summit 2012

Jill K.Berry organized an Art Summit in November at Estes Park, Colorado. It has taken me awhile to process all that was shared. I wanted to give this experience justice and completeness, but I have finally succumb to posting a few pictures and notes of the summit before too much time has passed.

 Art Summit 2012. A group of art teachers came together to talk about art, make art, share art and think about art. This is the only journal page that I consider completed at the art summit. Attendees were Carol Sloan, Liz Kettle, Jill K. Berry, Kim Rae Nugent. and  Libby Rehm who visited and also shared.

Jill is quite familiar with the park and reserved a wonderful cabin with beautiful views just off of the porch.

Due to Jill’s excellent fire starting and tending skills we were treated to a fire every day. I even started a couple morning fires being the first one up on a couple of the days.

We even ate a meal around the dining room table the first night. Then the art took over.

So instead of clearing off the dining room table for each meal we ate the remainder around the coffee table. Which still needed to be cleared before we ate there. Seated Libby Rehm, Jill K. Berry, Liz Kettle, Carol Sloan.

One of many delicious meals that we enjoyed! I wish that I had taken pictures of the other ones!

The paper border that I placed around the negative was the inspiration for this page.

A journal page with “Bernard” the moose started.

Another journal page with Jill K. Berry’s stencils in the background.

A picture of a butterfly was the inspiration for this page. We all brought supplies to share. Other people’s stash is always so inspiring! I found cheesecloth on dress pattern, piano roll paper, leaf and address label. To this I added rice paper that I had brought.

Another started journal page with a map of Estes Park included.

This page needs more work.

Another started page.

Liz brought her felting machine and showed us how to felt. Fun! Fun! She teaches classes using this technique and I would highly recommend her! Actually I would recommend any one of us!

We went for a drive through Estes Park. Beautiful scenery!

Jill K. Berry

What a wonderful experience! I encourage you to get a group of friends together and treat yourself to some time to create.


Carol Sloan said...

Great post Kim! We had a really good time, didn't we?

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Carol, Yes we did!