Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Salamander Journal Page



These two salamanders were seen by me the other day.  It’s been quite awhile since one has crossed my path. Whenever an animal interests me I like to research them, look up their animal totem meaning and draw them.

“The appearance of a Salamander heralds transformation. It also announces assistance with this change from a source somewhere outside of ourselves.” http://spirit-animals.com/salamander/ Something to ponder... This is one of many paths of self discovery that I follow in my journals.

First I applied a color wash using a mixture of Nickel Azo Gold and Dioxazine Purple (Golden Fluid Acrylics) for my background. Next I drew the image of a salamander on a piece of copy paper. Then I cut it out to use as a template to trace, making two matching salamanders. I colored the Salamanders with several layers of Prismacolor colored pencils. Finally I added the journaling.


Sparkly Heart Studio said...

These are so cool Kim! And I love the message they bring...xoxo

Carina said...

kbyourGood idea to put your drawing on copy paper and then use it as a template. I may need to do the same in my journal, an idea used stays with me better than one only acknowledged and contemplated.