Sunday, January 31, 2016

What Are You Saying "YES" to in 2016 - Making Money

I'm saying "YES" to - making money!

Journal52 week 2 prompt "What are you saying "Yes" to in 2016.

I first wrote "Travel and discovering new paths" because for some reason that seems more humble than asking for money. Sure I would like to travel and discover new paths. I'm not sure why I have such a hard time justifying the money-making part of business though. I'm happy and willing to do the work, just asking for monetary compensation is hard for me. When I added the seagull, he first said something clever "Where's the beach?" Then I had him say what I really was thinking "Don't forget to include making money."  After 35 years of marriage and being supported by my husband I want to help. I want to "Make the Money!" All my life I've saved money, I've thought of doing things, so it didn't require a lot of money, I've even found things for FREE on my wish list just because I was willing to wait for them. I have everything I need so it has felt greedy to want to make money. But now I want to earn a "good" income. I want to take the burden from my husband. I want to make some money! So I am saying "YES" to making money.

This page was made using a "Journal Starters" image from my book Journal Starters: Sampler Volume 1 (My intended "money" maker.)

Perhaps I should make another page with my intention loud and clear...

Added 2/19/2016 Second page with intention clearly stated -

I decided to make a second page. While at first glance it is not a "showstopper" page, I had a marvelous time adding only collaging bits of photocopied of money. For rules on using images of money look here.

Look closely and you will see faces and words from the 150%+ bill incorporated into the forest. The feather and inkwell is also pieced from the photocopied money.

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