Monday, May 12, 2008

Casey Nugent Senior Show

Mark and I drove to Menomonie to see Casey's Senior Show at the University of Wisconsin Stout on Friday. Casey is going to school for Industrial Design. He has one more class to go next Semester. Casey is hoping to get an internship for the Summer or Fall. Anyone interested?... plug from Mom.

His senior project was a compressed air engine. Casey designed and built everything shown including the display stand.

I enjoyed seeing all of the other students projects. The Senior Shows for Interior Design and Graphic Arts were also included.

The white colored models of the engine and car were actually printed from a computer program. Pretty amazing!

The last car is a clay model.

I'm quite proud of him! Makes me want to go back to school.

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Laume said...

This is a college senior project? Here in California our high school seniors have what is called a Senior Project. Very impressive.

You mentioned Menomonie (which, being from Wisconsin I know how to pronounce!) and now I have this little tune running through my head - thanks a lot! LOL!