Monday, June 8, 2009

Necklace & 100th post

This is the first necklace that I made with the help of Jill Shulse. I hadn't posted it earlier as I was going to wait until Christmas to give it to my daughter. Jill thought I couldn't wait and she was right.

Brook's Boston Terriers - Gertie with her three puppies Laverne (GiGi), Olive, and Geraldine. I justified my impatience by giving it to her for mother's day. Thank you Jill for inspiring me and letting me copy some of your ideas ;)

The skeleton key is from my Dad's assortment of keys, as is the one that says "gas" and "master" (two words that go with boston terriers). The watch gear and parts are from my auction stash. I also added a vintage brass dog tag.

I just noticed this is my 100th post - I think I'll celebrate and have a cookie :)


JOY said...

Who could wait? That is a present to charish forever!

Kerin said...

This is gorgeous Kim!!! Wow!!!

Carmi said...

That is stunning! I love it!

Christine Edwards said...

Kim, the necklace is fabulous! It's even better because it has dogs! I bet Brook flipped when she saw it. I took that Mann class too, but haven't done anything else like it since (sigh).

Jill Marie Shulse said...

lolol...I KNEW you could never wait until Christmas to give it to Brook! You did a fabulous job on it, and I couldn't have waited either.
I love it when you come over, even when you're the only one getting anything accomplished! lolol

kecia said...

kim it turned out FABULOUS! I knew you guys would have a great time. darn it, i want to come to a play day too. why does wisconsin have to be so far away?