Thursday, September 15, 2011

My New Art Journal!


I have been trying to complete my journals before I start a new one but I just couldn’t resist. This journal is about me. Yes I am “fragmented” which only further explains my inability to complete a journal before beginning a new one. So information from this year will be found in multiple journals. Also, I have the habit of not writing in my journal on consecutive pages. This happens when I want to work over a previously painted page and the next one in my book isn’t the color(s) I want to draw or journal on. Perhaps I am happy and want to write on a sunny yellow background so I skip the Pthalo blue/ Burnt Umber page.


The idea for this fragmented picture came from an article that Angela Cartwright had written in one of Stampington’s publications. In that article she had collaged a face from various photos of herself from different ages. I have been wanting to explore that idea for years. It takes a lot of prep work though. First you have to find a variety of pictures of yourself at different ages, then scan them into the computer and print them out in the sizes you want.

I came up with the idea for incorporating the apple slicer while creating one of my assemblage figures (Which I’ll blog about in the future.) Each slice captures different moments in time in my life.


First I etched the title of my journal, them I torched the copper to give it a nice patina. I love the rich colors that copper can have! I only applied the antiquing solution to the title area. Then I sprayed on a glossy clear coat to protect the finish.

Being creative and organized doesn’t work together for me. When I am in one of my most creative moods I like to work quickly to keep the ideas flowing. Being organized is a hindrance for my creative self. Then when the creative flurry is over or I can’t stand the mess anymore I organize. My creativity and organizational skills are fragmented. But in a way I use creativity and organization both to help defragment myself. Getting ideas out of my head and onto paper helps to declutter my brain. Organizing helps to compartmentalize and put ideas and memories in their place.

So what if I’m fragmented! THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ART FOR ME IS TO KEEP CREATING! It also helps my organized side that I date each journal entry.


I made this journal with coptic binding. The pages are torn down to size from sheets of 140# watercolor paper. The cover is a bit bulky with the apple slicer but doesn’t seem to hinder working in it for me. I find the journal to be very inspiring in itself and have all sorts of ideas to fill it with.


Shelly said...

Genius. Yep, freaking genius. (That translates loosely to "I love it more than you love monkeys.") Miss you. :)

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Thank you :)Miss you too Shelly!