Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Boston Terrier plus 1 Bulldog - Merry Christmas!


Christmas this year was “Dog Christmas” which Mark & I celebrated at Mom’s house. Pictured are our 4 boston terriers plus all of the granddogs. Ruby & Simon, my Mom’s dogs, aren’t included in the picture (we had overstayed our welcome with them).


Waiting to open Christmas Presents…



…is it time yet?


brendalou said...

I cannot imagine having this many Bostons. Three and a pug are a handful!! I posted a pic of my third BT Audrey. She is so special. This past summer I lost two of my dogs within four months of each other. My sheltie, Marcie and my smooth fox terrier Lanie. They, especially the sheltie kept the boys in line. After they were gone the boys were lost. I subscribe to the local humane society on facebook and they posted a picture of a female BT that would be up for adoption soon. Long story short, I adopted her for myself on my birthday. She has been a total blessing to me and the three boys. She had recently had puppies so she stepped in and started mothering and bossing around the three boys from the get go.

Kim Rae Nugent said...

My husband and I have 4 bostons, the rest are our granddogs. They do visit often though ;)