Saturday, January 19, 2013

Journal Page – Migration


I’m still working from the same library discard book. The cold weather outside was the inspiration for my picture choices, plus the desire to migrate South. I glued the collage down into a pleasing arrangement. My original intention was to paint all over it.

Instead I decided that I liked the horizontal blank areas that I created to journal in. Next I flipped through a fashion magazine and picked the first face that caught my eye for inspiration. I like drawing with colored pencil over collaged images because you can see some of the image through the pencil marks.


Jill Berry said...

I love the layered lady over the forest. I am going to do some journal layers today, and I wish you were here. Or, that I was there. Or in Cedarburg, or Hawaii.

Kim Rae Nugent said...

Jill, Any of the mentioned options sound wonderful :)

Carol Sloan said...

I would go here, there or yonder with both of you! It is turning cold in the South too(my South, that is!).